Dog Training

Professional Dog Training in Boca Raton

Does your dog come when you call?

Does he pull the leash, or walk calmly at your side?

Does your dog respond to obedience cues, the first time?

At Petlover Central, we understand the importance of a well-trained pet. Our experienced dog training staff specializes in ensuring you and your dog have a positive training experience as rewarding as it is educational.

dog obedience training
dog walking

Our Positive & Proven Methods

We use proven training techniques focused on positive reinforcement, and we customize our approach to every canine pupil. We’ll work side by side with your dog to solidify their good manners, common obedience commands, and behavior modification. You can expect your dog to learn new skills and strengthen existing ones, including:

  • Leash manners
  • Quick response to obedience cues
  • Greeting politely at the door
  • Coming when called
  • Impulse control and other behavior modification
  • Even canine sports!


What Sets Us Apart from Other Trainers?

  • Identify your training goals and obstacles to design a customized training plan
  • Positive-based training methods to ensure lasting retention of obedience commands
  • Varying levels of distraction to hone your dog’s focus in a real-world situation
  • Multiple trainers on staff encourages your dog to respond to the cues, not the trainer
  • Ongoing support beyond the end of training, including phone support and take-home materials

Training Programs Suited for Your Needs

We offer the most comprehensive training options in the Boca Raton area. At Petlover Central, being a good dog trainer also means being a good teacher—we make sure the pet parents come away with a clear understanding of our methods and their dog’s way of thinking. Our goal is to ensure your dog listens to you, not just their trainer.

We offer a variety of training programs to suit your family’s specific needs. Here are some of our options:

  • Play, Stay & Learn. These all-inclusive options are popular among area pet parents. While your dog enjoys a stay in our premium lodging accommodations, our trainers will guide them through daily training sessions.
  • Play & Train. Drop off your pet for a day of fun and enrichment at our doggie daycare. At periods throughout the day, your pup will meet one-on-one with a trainer for a personal training lesson.