Play and Train

What's Play & Train?

Wouldn’t it be nice to drop off your dog “at school” while you work, travel, or run errands? We agree—and that’s exactly what Petlover Central’s Play & Train program is like! Play & Train brings our fun and enriching dog daycare together with our highly successful training programs so your dog can have a great time while learning important skills—all in a day’s work.

Our Play & Train Program

Play & Train is a special offshoot of our furry fan-favorite doggie daycare experience. Dog daycare at Petlover Central is a secure and enriching place for dogs to exercise, socialize, and have fun while their mom or dad’s away. Play & Train takes this concept a step further, adding training sessions in between playtimes. Training sessions are customized for your dog’s individual personality and training plan, which is established following a one-on-one training evaluation with our professional team.

Dog in training
Group of dogs in daycare

Dog Daycare – It's a Dog's Life

You can read more about Petlover Central’s dog daycare program here, but we’ve picked out the highlights for you. Here are some things your pup can expect during the “Play” portion of Play & Train:

  • Four climate-controlled indoor playrooms outfitted with doggie playground equipment and fun toys
  • Total staff supervision and interactive playtimes with staff members
  • Carefully chosen playgroups based on your dog’s size, age, breed, and energy level
  • Does your pup prefer humans? We can’t wait to shower them in attention and love in our one-on-one daycare programs
  • We even have live webcams in our play areas so you can see all the fun for yourself!

Private Training Sessions Every Day

In between playtimes, Play & Train students meet one-on-one with our training professionals for a custom-tailored lesson. Each day includes multiple lessons, with each lesson building on the last. Play & Train is the perfect environment to introduce and enhance the basics, including:

  • Sit, stay, and lay down
  • Drop it and leave it
  • Coming when called
  • Polite greetings
  • And much more

Another reason Play & Train is special is how ready your dog is for learning come training time. After playing, romping, and exercising with friends (canine or human!) your dog will be mentally and physically satisfied. This enhances their focus and helps them stay attentive during each lesson. Of course, ample rest time in comfy private rooms is included to keep pets recharged and relaxed!

Training a puppy
Puppy graduating class

Puppy 360

This comprehensive two-week course covers everything your puppy (2-5 months) needs to know and experience, based on their specific critical developmental period. Puppies not only benefit from learning everyday basic obedience cues, they require crucial socialization with other dogs and people. Puppies have very different needs from adult dogs, so we’ve tailored this program specially to help puppies thrive.

Over two weeks, your puppy will be introduced to appropriate toy play, teething and bite inhibition, crate training, supervised puppy-only group play, positive exposure and desensitization to loud noises and novel or "spooky" things like baths, nail clippers, medical equipment and people wearing uniforms. Each puppy will begin laying the foundation of basic obedience and be introduced to clicker training. All of these things are the core principles behind raising a confident, well-rounded dog.

Parents will receive supplementary reading material on subjects such as potty training, feeding and play as well as weekly updates in the form of video and progress reports. At the close of the course, our trainer will meet with you to demonstrate how you and your family can fully continue your puppy’s training and what to expect next.

Daycare Refresher Training

Does your dog need a little reminder or reinforcement of their last training at Petlover Central? Our Daycare Refresher Training program invites our training graduates to this special program designed to build upon the skills they’ve already learned with us. Call us today to learn more!

Training a dog to shake hands

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Play & Train Dog Training

You can bring your furry friend for as many or as few days as you prefer, though we highly recommend coming in for multiple visits in a short time frame. A favorite among our training clients is our 10 Day Play & Train Package, a discounted program good for 10 days of Play & Train that you can use at your discretion.